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Nat's Place

 Hello!! My name is Natasha and I'm pleased to welcome you here. 
 I live in Russia, shifting from Moscow to Puschino (which is where my
 family lives) and back to Moscow all the time... 
 My hometown, Puschino, is a biological center... but I am not a biologist!! 
 Although... what's the difference really between dissecting frogs 
 or words? For I am a -- well, sort of a linguist.
 Just to give you a hint of what you might encounter here,
 I'm heavily into Queen.... the greatest band in the world! 
 I'm also in love with English... and I dabble with everything 
 I can -- music, arts, rhyming, etc., etc... I have tried
 to *artistically* arrange some of my writings on this site... 
 Hmmmm of course I do some reading.  And of course I have an opinion
 on everything I read... Which basically means that soon (hmmmm now I 
 begin to doubt that!! *LOL*) this site will be full of my 
 favourite writers' pages... :)) 
 Sometimes I also stop to think of what in this world holds any 
 attraction... why... and what it's all about! :) If you
 have notions like that, see if you might share my thoughts.
 The latest addition -- my gallery. Just my drawings... mostly Queen,
 but some others too... Beware: this is not a shapely gallery, and it
 doesn't load too quickly. :) Be patient. Please?? 
 I'm really working hard!! 
 (Mmm... Don't I deserve a second visit from you? ;)

[Family] [My poems] [Thoughts] [My Queen Story I]
[O. Wilde - revisited] [Selected English Poetry]
[Phantom] [Pet Shop Boys] [My Gallery] [NEW poems]
[My home town (khe,khe)]

Once you get there, you may forget about me... but it's worth it!

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Note: This page is still under construction. Not coming as soon as I had expected... but hey, I'm *almost* doing my best! Updated weekly... most of the times! :)

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