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Once you get there, you may forget about me... but it's worth it!
Jayme's Place
A gorgeous site... where my internet surfings began... If you are a philosopher at heart, or a beauty-lover or just a wanderer, go visit Jayme! She knows how to entertain people!
Maria's page
A wonderful page... full of Queen of course! I saw it begin... it has grown amazingly! A special page by a special person for a special group. Make sure you come back regularly, Maria keeps adding stunning new things to her page.
Dreamer's Home
C'est charmante!! A lovely page by a Queen-fan (but of course...) Go see some sweet dreams!
Queen - the official web-site
No comment! A must for any Queen-lover!
Queen Heaven
This site has won the Best Queen Site award... You'll understand why the moment you get there! ((As well as find a LOT of information))
Richard Orchard's Queen page
This is a really good Queen page, worthy of visiting by all means. It also features a most frequented Queen www chatroom on the net - as far as I know, at least. Drop by, you might find a soulmate there...
Olga Guba's Freddie Mercury place
Highly artistic and creative! You'll have loads of fun, and find tons of interesting and useful things there (meaning Queen-related things, of course!). Check out Olga's links while you are there, and take a fresh look at life!
Lyrics search engine
I don't know if many of you are in need of lyrics... and if you are looking for rare stuff, this is not the place. But, it features thousands songs, musicals etc... I think I know when to use it! :))
Pet Shop Boys: Bilingually
A very nice Swedish page, history, lyrics and stuff... Highly professional!