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Mr Oscar Wilde

            I do not aspire to make any statements on Oscar Wilde.
This is a man who has been thoroughly discussed and explained,
and who still remains somewhat enigmatic. My opinion.
I've been thinking of the best way to describe him...
I've found none. The only comparison that comes to mind is
a large and pure emerald. This probably doesn't tell you anything.
However, while surfing the web, I have come across some sites
whose authors have a much better idea of how to describe
Mr. Wilde. So, with your approval, I'll leave it to them.
If you follow the links, you'll find out a lot of interesting
or maybe disturbing things. Frankly, I do not want to moralize
or draw any conclusions. (I realize not only am I not being informative
but I am also being boring. Sorry. Maybe I'll have to rewrite this one day.)
I think it's the author's works that reveal him best (although this
particular author -- Mr. Wilde -- once stated that art conceals the
artist far more completely than it reveals him).

Which is part of the many controversies about Wilde. But --
I promised not to talk too much.

Here are links for you to follow. Some will take you to pages
compiled by myself, some -- to other wonderful sites. Enjoy!

Running Wilde
a   f e w   n i c e   l i n k s

      The Picture of Dorian Gray - a few of my thoughts on the novel plus some of the brilliant wittisisms from the work of art.

Links to works by Oscar Wilde - this is a site dedicated to another play about Wilde. Done with high professionalism and the links are a miracle! Almost everything written by Wilde in full...

Reading Wilde appears to be a breathtakingly interesting site! It is a virtual Exhibition Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Trials of Oscar Wilde. Touching. Strange. Bizarre. Intrusive for some part. Very serious. Highly readable.


I'll add more links here as I find them!