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I have been a fan of Queen since around 1989, when I first heard "Killer Queen". If you asked me two years ago what Queen were to me, I'd have said they were my philosophy, my passion, my love, my life. Today I'd say they are a kind of magic - that I have been fortunate to discover for myself. They have influenced me a lot. And I truly am thankful to them for everything they taught me - or helped me understand about the world, about music, about life...

Apart from all this high-flown stuff... I must say I adore their sense of humour, and the wicked things they do! I am smitten by their energy, and I fall apart when I hear Mr.Mercury sing! (Or Brian play his guitar, or Roger strike his drums, or John emphasize the rhythm.) I get high when I see them perform on stage, and the videos they made!... They make me laugh when I'm bored to distraction... They make me believe in life...

Oooooh they make me live!


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