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Page 7


Iíve never thought Iíd fall in love like this!
Itís frightening, but itís bliss, itís pure bliss!
Like walking on the edge of a precipice,
Like waking up to find your heart amiss.

Without my heart, how am I gonna live?
How shall I breathe? How shall I dream?
Or shall I dream at all,
              now that my heart is gone?
What do I have to do so I live on?

Or shall I live on ever, till the end of days?
For I am now a spirit
              Ė or a shadow
                             Ė or a ray
Of sun Ė or hope? Of love, I hope, for you.
And, older than the world,
                   for me this love is new.

Yet, though it is new, itís true as true can be.
Just keep my heart. Donít give it back to me!




Stranger, why do you come
                   messing with my life?
What do you know of my troubles,
                            or hardships?
What do you know of my worries?
Why do you think I should listen to you?

Why do you think that what you feel
Is what I must feel, too?
And why on earth do you think that I will
Believe in you, like you do?