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Page 4

Internet Stanzas

Internet! Oh, this sweet sound -
Internet! I know I'm bound -
Internet -- I'm in your prison,
No use -- with me to reason!
Set me free -- now don't be cruel,
Give me net -- you sure can do it,
Turn me on -- my access do not ban!
Promise you -- I know the limit,
Just connect -- and you will see it,
I'll be good -- and better, if I can!
Internet... You leave me ruined,
Internet -- my whole life ruined!
I scream in pain, oh boy, I knew it -

Going mad -- I've lost my temper!
Please connect -- I'll be your best friend!
Sure you can... now go ahead, connect!!!!!



Don't ask me how I love you. Don't you know?
But for this love I'm dead! My grave below
the stars is peaceful as a grave can only be --
yet without you, this peace is war to me.

My world is dark
              when my eyes don't see you,
with each your smile life starts for me anew...
But go if you must, I'll hold you not!
I have seen you, that's in itself a lot!

What's love? You cannot lock it in a cell,
and if we part -- at least let us part well.