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Strangely enough, it does happen... :) New stuff is born.. not exactly in torture, but... ;)) Here you have it.

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My poems


    And I can almost touch you…
And you resist…
Just one kiss…
just a kiss…

And you look so strangely
Into my eyes…
And then - good bye
Just a good bye…

Weren't you so close to me,
my only friend?
Is it now too late
to make amends?

Force a smile
(but so sad-eyed…)
Rise your eyebrows
Am I gonna cry?

Weren't you my sweetest love,
my dearest friend?
Is it really late
to make amends?

I… I'm gonna cry…
my love - will never die…
love will never die…

Forgiveness… I'm not looking for
desperate, quite hopeless, so…
so what? You and I
don't say good bye
and if you do…

I'll always be there for you
try to surrender
to the feeling inside…
I won't hurt your pride
won't hurt your pride…

And when you're out there
in the big world
will you ever care
for this absurd
this crazy love
that I have fallen in
with you…
I never knew…

You were always my
my bestest friend…
I don't believe it's late
to make amends!

if you can't stay
of course you're free
to go away!…

I want
Is to see
Your smile
(As you say