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              Dedicated to ***

And if you say you don't need me any longer,
And if you say you'd better go your own way,
And if you say you'll never get to really know me,
And if you say -- whatever you might say!

And if you think that's something I can't bear,
And if you think I can't put up with that,
And if you think we both are going mad,
And if you think we've broken up for real --

You're wrong my love, I'm worse than all nightmares...
I'll follow suit wherever you might go...
I'll stay in love, no matter how unfair
You've been... Why ? Oh -- because I love you so!..

I love you so much it sends me reeling...
Just disregard the stupid things I do!
My Goodness, I could kill, I'd die for you --
I'll sell my soul for just a bit of feeling...



Crazy or calm,
Happy or sad,
This is what life is to me -
A distant beat
Of thought in my head,
And maybe a reason to be.


Softer than death,
Harder than love,
Beautiful life...
All out of breath...
All out of love...
All out of tune...
All out of rhyme...
Tearing away
Boredom of the day,
Guess we are doomed
To stay awake!
Sweet dreams will float
In the thick dusk...
Oh those purple notes,
And ah - these masks!
Never together,
Though hand in hand...
Searching for pleasure,
That sinking sand...
Beauties or Beasts,
In love or in hate,
Hoping for peace,
Fooling our fate...
Fighting and killing,
Virtuous or sinning,
Never just black or white -
We are but human...
Hurting our loved ones...
Could that be right?


But when I know
You're here to stay, 
When I know
I am in love -
The world's a swirl
But it brings no pain
And no decision is tough.
And when my friends
Send their smiles across
At me - I know I'm saved.
And all my fears,
The silent ghosts,
Turn into angels or fade.