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All the tears that I have shed for you 
shine again. 
All the years that were ahead of you 
yet never came... 
All this pain inside that floods my heart, 
kills my brain -- 
In millennia to come this is the way 
it will remain. 

I have choked on my words of love... 
Hope you've seen the light from above.... 
Dear friend, my love, stay in peace, 
should you cry, let those be happy tears. 

As I bid you farewell my lips go dry. 
All I know now is I'll love you till I die. 


When I look back, I don't see you. 
I close my eyes, still don't see you. 
You're in my heart, but when I try 
To see your eyes, I can but cry. 

I know you're there, unknown, unseen, 
forever young, forever in 
my dreams, my thoughts, my heart, my soul, 
my God, my pain, my love, my goal. 

Forgotten will you never be, 
nor will you pass away for me, 
I don't see you with my mind's eye, 
but I'll be part of you in time. 


I love you at sunset, I love you at sunrise, 
Every moment, every hour - I love you. 

When I feel your arms around me, 
Hear your whisper in my ears, 
All I know is I'll love you 
through a million years. 

Even if your love does fail me, 
through the hurt and through the tears 
I shall still be yours forever, 
In a million coming years.


Will you love me like I love you if I tell you that I love you? 
Will you want to be my lover if I tell you that I love you? 
Will you open up your heart oh will you see how much I love you? 
Will you know I'll die of sadness if you don't see how I love you? 


Then love me! Hold me closer, kiss me tight, 
and maybe I'll forget him after all, 
and feel more pain, and something deep inside 
will tell me my whole life is going wrong... 

But I will cling to you with my eyes shut, 
I will suppress the tears, hold down my sorrow, 
and bury my regrets within my breaking heart, 
and smile, and then believe we have tomorrow. 

And if you say this isn't what you seek, 
that make-believe will never be for real, 
well -- you are free, and you can well just pick 
the one whose love you think will be ideal. 

The choice is yours, and anything you choose 
I will accept with no regrets nor doubts. 
There's nothing in this world for me to lose 
but for the hope that love's not dead 
and will give sprouts. 


Isn't it amazing, the way you make me cry, 
set my heart ablaze... How can I say good bye? 
Rhyming every breath I take for you and only you -- 
in the meantime I'm forgetting everything I knew! 

You are a disaster in my life! 
But you and only you can make me smile... 
Trying to break free, I waste oh so much time... 
Oh but then I've never felt so fine! 

Will this never -- ever -- really stop? 
And if it does, shall I lose every hope? 
If I break the spell, I'll die or maybe not? 
Do I want, now, honestly, to undo this knot? 

You and only you are the answer to my thoughts... 
With you I'm alive, without you I am not -- 
Not in pain and nothing even hurts... 
It's just the nowhere nothingness of sorts! 

Breathless -- 'cos you take my breath away... 
Speechless, 'cos what else is there that I can say? 
You and only you are on my mind -- 
Hey, I may be mad, but I'm not blind!