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Mother Love
Note: Mother Love is a song from Queen's first post-Freddie album "Made in Heaven" released in 1996.

I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it.
Mostly, because Freddie's voice is so strong and alive there.

And then, as I listened to it, it struck me that somehow I was familiar
with that particular feeling which, as I saw it, permeated the song.

The sensation when things go wrong, when there's no turning back,
when it's all so bad it seems a nightmare.

When, for a moment, you wish you were an unborn baby who has yet
to come to this world to discover the joy and the agony.

When you have no choice but to pull yourself together and
go on with your life.

When, finally, you accept it, and manage to hope against hope.

In short, this is a song about life and death, the immortal love
and the futility of the earthly passions.

A simple and sincere song of a tired man. Sincere - that's the key.
A bare heart on the display for all to see.

This is an eternally beautiful song to me,
just as it is eternally sad...