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So let's begin. Just recently I have scanned some of the drawings I made over several years. Most of them are inspired by Queen... In fact, they all are. In this or that way.

I have to warn you, too, this is not an elaborate gallery that loads in a flash. I have just thrown in the drawings...

And well, I just had to comment all of them! :) (hopefully, this will let you pick up those you want to see and not wait for all of them to load! (Hey, I'm concerned with your enjoying the place, you see? ;))


Before Queen

A fragment -- I just copied it from a picture I like very much...
It is by Raffael -- who isn't my favourite artist, but whose work I still admire.
I liked the expression on Magdalena's face... it was so unlike
the artificially sweetened works of the Renaissance times....

My own variation on the said topic.
Quite pitiful.... Although I did my best, and even was satisfied with it
at the time! :)

The Angel of Death -- a rather futile attempt to picture some concept
that I wasn't quite sure of myself....

Non-Queen Drawings

A sketch in charcoal Just a thought on paper...

Fantasy - a pensil sketch inspired by Mr. Mercury and Mr. Nizhinski.
Anatomically incorrect, I'm afraid. :)

Vampire has a direct relationship with Queen. Once I showed a friend the cover of
"THE GAME" album, and she said, but he looks like a Vampire!
I was taken aback... but then... there's something in it, eh? :)

Arabian theme, or what can you call it? I was infatuated...
and tried to express it... somehow... :)

An attempt to visualize the impression that "Barcelona" -- the album
produced on me...
This is what I felt in 1992 as I listened to it...

Another mental image.... :))

A sketch... "You are always on my mind... you are always in my house..."
And if you say I'm crazy, I'll tell you that it's true! :))

This one was inspired by a poem by a friend.
See if you can make it out! :)


Freddie holding a rose. One of the first
drawings of him I made.

A very quick sketch in some kind of vax pensil,
or I don't know what it is!!!!

I'm going... slightly mad, of course!

Still going slightly mad... a different touch.:)

Not quite... but still a kind of magic!

Freddie singing... As sophisticated as I could make it! :) (at the time...)

Singing again... but much less sophisticated! ;))

This isn't something I am proud of... and yet....

I love the way Freddie looks here... Cute!!!

It was the first image of young Freddie I saw...

Silver costume on stage... Another little sketch.

Freddie... with love.

Freddie against a green background. Hmmmm....

Pensil version of a well-known image... when Freddie winks.
(Here, both eyes are open!) ;))

Color version of the above image.

Mr Bad Guy cover has always thrilled me.
Again... a quick sketch.

Water-color of young Freddie performing on stage.

Freddie at the piano -- in pensil.

A magic image of Freddie...
has nothing to do with "A kind of Magic" though! ;))

The latest drawing of Freddie I made.


Queen as they began. The first drawing ever I made of the four of them!
Quite a well-known image, too....

Queen... I particularly enjoyed drawing Freddie's T-shirt or whatever shirt it is! :)
And his hands... and his belt... and Roger's sunglasses! :p

Freddie Wise-man

Brian (I've had a heluva lot of trouble drawing his smile...
which is the most enigmatic smile I have ever drawn!! :)

Roger The angel of a boy!

John -- And yet John was the hardest to draw!
You just can't catch his expression...
Maybe that's because he is more reserved...

Two men who make such a damn good combination on stage!

This was to be another picture of the
four gods called "Queen"... But it is not going to be finished...

to be continued... if you can take more!