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  This is so unfair!!! I should have been there yesterday night... and today... that is, tonight... But can you imagine that???? Oh, I know only too well you're not going to receive it until tomorrow at best, and yet, and yet -- I can't but do this... Think of me whatever you choose, but I can't get you off my mind, I positively can't do that!!!

 And yesterday.... the light went out.... *weep* It couldn't be mended afterwards... And today my provider is down... What ill luck! I have been waiting for this session for the whole day, and they had so much work to do, they kept putting me off until finally, at 11:30 I logged on... only to find out nothing was working! 

Devastated dear, just devastated!!! I must talk to you, I just must -- and there's nothing I can do about it!!!

 So sad, isn't it? I only hope you're not waiting for me there... Oh dear... why???? 

Is this revenge for me sharing you with someone else, like Katia? Should I have kept you private? I don't know... whatever, it doesn't make it easier....

 I'm sorry... And I MISS YOU!!!!